When the "BOSS" needs help; They ask this "BOS"


Bos' Optimal Solutions

We were established to provide businesses owners with the ability to focus on what they enjoy doing instead of the mundane details of day-to-day operations.

  • If your business is struggling because of:

  • An overflowing inbox

  • Unanswered or reviewed emails

  • Uncompleted projects

  • Need for project coordination

  • Uncompleted daily bookkeeping or monthly review

  • Review of training documentation

  • Establishment of training documentation

  • Review of current office policies & procedures

  • Establishment of policies & procedures

By taking away the stress of  proposal preparation, project coordination, employee manual review and revision, bookkeeping, policy creation and many of the more mundane tasks, as a business owner you can focus on what you enjoy doing and leave the rest for someone else.

I do not profess to be an accountant nor an attorney.  All document preparation that is completed on my clients behalf is done based on the 20+ years of knowledge but is not represented as legal or tax advice.  It is my client’s responsibility to confirm or verify the legal precedence or tax ramifications associated with any documents prepared.