When the "BOSS" needs help; They ask this "BOS"

What Our Clients Say About Us...

"She is a God send"

- Debbie Reinke, Owner - Reinke Auctioneering


"Bos' Optimal Solutions take care of all our accounts and bookkeeping, keeping us on top of our numbers, helping us plan for the future. Their expertise and professionalism enable us to focus on our business and work. We feel more in control of our bookkeeping now than when we were finding time to do it ourselves. We are pleased a customer told us about CeCelia and look forward to a continuing relationship."


Michele Schampers, Owner - Choice Custom Apparel, LLC

"We are so thankful for CeCe's knowledge and expertise with helping us get set up with Quick Books. We are very pleased with her quick responses in helping us when needed. Thanks for everything, CeCe...we really appreciate it!"

- A Supreme Clean